Implant Surgery: Do I Need Anesthesia?

Team Oral Surgery

Dental implant surgery can be a relatively minor process or quite extensive, depending on the number of teeth you are having replaced with dental implants. You might think that placing a screw within your jaw bone is one that would leave you in considerable pain, yet dental implant surgery has come a long way. Most patients can use local anesthetic and be up and about in no time.

The Implant Procedure
The implant procedure begins with the placement of the root portion of the implant. The surgical site is then left to heal for a time to be sure the implant is successful. In a successful implant procedure, the bone fuses to the implant, which is made of titanium.

Anesthesia will be used during your procedure to ensure your comfort. The type of anesthesia used depends upon how many implants are being placed as well as on your personal preference and the recommendation of your implant dentist. Depending upon the circumstances, you could receive:

Local anesthetics: Administered by injection and the same used in fillings with general dentistry
Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”: An inhaled anesthesia used in cases where the patient needs more relaxation beyond local anesthesia
Conscious sedation combined with local anesthetics: After local anesthetics, a patient receives medication that creates a drowsy and relaxed feeling
General anesthesia: A medication used to place the patient into a deep sleep

Deciding On Implant Dentistry
Deciding to have implant dentistry is based upon your personal situation and whether or not you have any conditions that might compromise the success of the procedure. Some factors to consider include:

• Your overall health
• The condition of your gums
• Whether or not you smoke
• Whether you take certain drugs for osteoporosis
• Whether you suffer from an autoimmune disorder

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