What Can I Eat or Drink Before Oral Surgery?

Team Oral Surgery

We will explain your options for anesthesia and recommend the best for your procedure and situation. While local anesthesia will suffice in many cases, our office offers general anesthesia for more complicated procedures, such as wisdom tooth removal, implant treatment and multiple extractions.

This information is based on a combination of your general tolerance to anesthesia, as well as the type of sedative that will be used during your surgery. The following are three basic anesthesia types, and the corresponding dietary restrictions to heed when faced with oral surgery.

Local Anesthesia
A local anesthesia only affects the immediate area in which it is administered. A shot or topical numbing agent is an example of a local anesthetic. In this case, you may eat normally prior to your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide
Another popular sedative used during oral surgery is nitrous oxide. Commonly known as “laughing gas” due to its often-humorous side effect, nitrous oxide delivers a potent yet safe dose of euphoria that can make the patient less sure of their surroundings. One of the benefits of nitrous, when it comes to dietary restrictions, is the fact that the patient may eat a light meal up to a few hours before their oral surgery time. This adds some flexibility to the appointment.

Intravenous IV
This method delivers the heaviest level of sedation for longer or more involved oral surgery procedures. IV sedation often leaves the patient unaware of their surroundings and they typically have little to no memory of the surgery. The anesthetic must be administered on an empty stomach, so stricter dietary guidelines must be followed to ensure safety and effectiveness.

At Prestige Oral Surgery, will tailor your diet plan to your specific needs, as well as to the level of anesthetic that you will likely encounter. Though it may seem straightforward, it is crucial that you follow the guidance of Dr. Erakat’s pre operative instructions and adhere to the diet plan.

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