How To Know When You Need A Oral Surgery?

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Teeth cureThere are many different types of oral surgery performed by dental experts.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are dental experts who specialize in treating diseases, injuries, and defects of the head, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, and neck. Below you will find just some of the reasons why patients undergo oral surgery.

Common Reasons: Why Undergoing Oral Surgery Is Needed?

• Insufficient jaw bone mass to support dental implants – Because dental implants are placed in the jaw, the success of the surgery depends on the patient’s jaw bone density. If a patient has insufficient jaw bone mass to support dental implants, a bone grafting procedure can be performed.

• Missing teeth – Dental implants represent the ideal solution to missing teeth for qualified candidates. Dental implants are strong yet tiny titanium screws that are surgically embedded into the jaw bone, where they act as artificial roots that provide unrivaled support for crowns, bridges, and dentures. The surgical placement of dental implants requires careful planning and absolute precision to ensure the best results possible.

• Pain due to wisdom teeth – When the development of wisdom teeth leads to pain, infection, or swelling, the teeth in question can be surgically extracted.

• Abnormal growths and lesions – Such growths and lesions can be cancerous. A biopsy can be taken of abnormal growths and lesions and, if oral cancer is present, a surgical procedure can be performed to remove the affected tissues.

• TMJ and bite problems – Patients with bite problems may benefit from corrective jaw surgery. Through this procedure, the upper and lower jaws can be corrected so that they meet properly, making the bite stronger and restoring comfort to the mouth. Jaw correction surgery can also alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorder, including chronic headaches and jaw pain.

• Facial trauma – Oral surgery can be performed to reconstruct delicate facial structures damaged by trauma. Teeth can be replaced, and bones can be reconnected with wires or plates and screws.

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