Tooth Extraction: The Importance of Bone and Socket Preservation

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Treating propelled instances of dental injury and rot can require tooth extraction, however, this treatment alone can’t restore the wellbeing and equalization of your smile. Following an extraction, the basic jawbone can in the end contract, bringing about a genuine trade-off of oral health.

Why Socket Preservation Is Important?
Socket preservation is essential because it maintains the health of your entire smile until you are ready to permanently restore your tooth. This supplemental treatment can delay jawbone atrophy, which can in turn delay further tooth loss, misalignment, and other issues that can compromise your smile and your quality of life. Socket preservation acts as an important placeholder, helping you to retain bone mass until you are ready to follow through with a permanent solution.

How Tooth Extraction Impacts The Jaw Bone?
The alveolar, or jaw bone, supports the teeth and is a soft and vascular bone. When a tooth is lost or extracted, the alveolar bone often shrinks away or resorts. When this occurs, a patient can experience cosmetic changes or functional defects. In addition to bone loss, the overlying gum tissue can lose volume and form.

Bone And Gum Tissue Preservation With Dental Implants
New advances in dental technology have provided a means for many patients to solve the problem of missing teeth, bone loss, and tooth restoration through dental implants. When a tooth is lost, we can replace the tooth root with a titanium post. This replacement fills in the area left void by the original tooth root, thereby eliminating future bone loss. A new replacement tooth is then affixed to the post and the patient’s smile is fully restored.

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At Prestige Oral Surgery, we strive to provide our patients with the very best standard of care. Preserving as much of the natural structure of our patient’s smiles is an integral part of our job. If you are in need of a tooth extraction, socket preservation can be one of the best investments you ever make in the health of your smile.

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