Floss Techniques to Teach Your Kids

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On the long list of things parents need to teach their kids in childhood is proper flossing, but plenty of adults don’t know the best techniques themselves! We’re here to help. ? Daily flossing should be a priority for anyone with two teeth that touch each other because brushing alone cannot remove the plaque and food debris in those spaces. The longer it remains and builds up, the more it contributes to gum disease, cavities, and worse.

Parents should floss their child’s teeth for them until they have the dexterity to do it themselves. Make it part of the daily routine. ? Explain that flossing matters for keeping their smile healthy, and flossing is something big kids do like tying their shoes. Floss picks can also make the process easier instead of using string floss.

Good flossing technique starts with pulling out about a foot and a half of floss and wrapping it loosely around the middle fingers, with an inch or two left in the middle to slip between the teeth. Don’t just snap the floss down onto the gums, curve it around each tooth in a C-shape and gently work down. Then rotate the floss along so that it’s always clean floss being used for each new gap. Dirty floss won’t clean teeth!