Keeping Up With Your Dental Appointments

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 While many Americans avoided going to the dentist during the pandemic, care is now getting back to normal, according to Dr. Mohammed Erakat with Prestige Oral Surgery in Princeton, NJ. Regular dental visits are important because conditions can be treated before they become serious and involve more time and expense down the road. Dentists are health professionals that can not …

Bridge vs. Dental Implant

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Our goal at Prestige Oral Surgery is to educate our patients and give them the best solution for their situation. Let’s discuss bridges and implants. What Is a Bridge?A bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth that fill the space where one or more teeth are missing. The bridge restores your bite and helps keep the natural shape of your …

6 Questions You Should Ask Before A Procedure

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 When you meet with Dr. Mohammed Erakat about a procedure we want to make sure you have all the information you need. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to ask because, well, we only know what we know. The more information you can arm yourself with, the better your overall experience will be.  Here are some important questions to …

How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants?

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 There really is no definitive answer other than it depends on the patient. That’s why at Prestige Oral Surgery we start with a consultation and x-rays to come up with a solution and time frame.  Part of the answer depends on the health of your supporting bone. Bone is an integral part of implant functionality as bone cells gradually grow …

Benefits Of Dental Implants Part 2

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 1. Dental Implants are Durable  Dental implants are extremely durable and long lasting. With proper oral hygiene, your implants can last you a lifetime! A crown cap may need to be replaced every 15 years or so depending on how well it is taken care of. Dental implants are a great investment and save you money in the long run …

Benefits Of Dental Implants Part 1

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 A popular solution to tooth loss is dental implants with over 5 million dental implants placed each year by American dentists. Dr. Mohammed Erakat may suggest dental implants as a solution to tooth loss from tooth decay, oral cancer, trauma, or periodontal disease. 1. Dental Implants Look Natural Missing teeth may make you feel less confident in your smile impacting your professional …

Tooth Replacement That Lasts

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Dental implants have been effectively replacing missing teeth for over 40 years. In that time, they have been demonstrated to be a durable, powerful, and safe choice, giving patients something that already has not been accessible, a really complete tooth substitution. No other tooth replacement option simultaneously replaces the root and the crown of the tooth. Dentures, partials, and fixed …

Declining Dental Implant Treatment Can Give Low Self Esteem

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Dental Implants: What Happens Without Treatment? Your smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet you. A beautiful smile is a sign of health and youth. Missing teeth, however, can have a negative effect, impacting your appearance and harming your confidence. Treatment Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Common treatments to replace missing teeth include partials, …

Welcome to Our New Site!

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Welcome to our new website! Check back for updates to our blog to get the latest news and information for our office. We are delighted that you chose to visit our site today and look forward to having you visit our office soon!

Time To Consider Dental Implants From Prestige Oral Surgery NJ

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Reasons to Consider Dental Implants Dental implants are a technology that gives patients the chance to restore function and esthetics of their teeth. Dental implants replace the entire structure of the tooth to create a natural replacement for one or multiple teeth. Dental implants are generally preferred by dentists over a dental bridge because they will last longer and give …