Night guards are a must

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Using a night guard while sleeping can prevent jaw pain, damaged dental work, broken teeth, and headaches! It’s important to use it consistently! These affordable dental devices can save you a significant amount in future dental costs. If you experience teeth grinding and/or clenching (also called “bruxism”) or frequent headaches (especially right when you wake up in the morning), consult your dentist about getting a night guard.

Night guard benefits:
1. Protection for Teeth and Dental Restorations: Continuous grinding can result in broken, flat, or chipped teeth, as well as damage to any dental restorations you might have.
2. Reduction of Muscle Fatigue and Pain: Bruxism often causes muscle fatigue and pain not just in the jaw, but also in the scalp, neck, shoulders, and back.
3. Mitigation of Headaches and Migraines: The tension from teeth grinding is a common cause of severe headaches and migraines.
4. Decrease in Tooth Sensitivity and Pain: The enamel wear caused by bruxism can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and pain. A night guard protects the enamel from further wear, helping to maintain tooth sensitivity at a manageable level.

In essence, a night guard can significantly reduce damage to teeth and the frequency and intensity of headaches by easing the strain on the muscles and joints. A night guard provides a crucial buffer that protects the teeth, gums, and the jaw joint from the detrimental effects of bruxism.