Common Causes of Jawbone Loss

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Whenever an individual loses one or more teeth, the mass of the bones in the mouth decreases in size. This bone loss affects the gums and muscles of the mouth as well as the nerve endings that surround it.

At Prestige Oral Surgery, we can help patients understand the causes of jawbone loss, as well as how dental implants can enhance oral health, while providing the jawbone with the stimulation it needs to remain strong and structurally sound. The most common causes of jawbone loss are all related to the health of the gums and teeth. Below are the oral health conditions that are most likely to cause jawbone loss:

Tooth Loss
When teeth are missing from the bone that once supported them begins to deteriorate. This melting away of the bone is called bone resorption.
Tooth roots are naturally embedded in the jawbone. When the tooth and its root are extracted the bone structure loses function and begins to deteriorate or resorb.

Dentures And Bridgework
Many patients do address tooth loss, but choose to do so with traditional dentures or bridgework. While these restorations can improve oral strength and functions, they fail to address the complete loss of the tooth. Instead, they only address the loss of the crown of the tooth.

Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a bacterial infection that attacks the gums and foundation of the teeth. If this condition is left untreated, it can continue to progress to the point that the jawbone is also affected. At its worst, gum disease can lead to gum recession, tooth loss, and the loss of jawbone tissue.

Preventing Jawbone Loss
Dental implants screw directly into the root of a tooth, they fuse with the jawbone over time. This prevents bone loss and lessens the possibility of complications occurring in the gums and nerves of the mouth. Although there are various options available when replacing your teeth, only dental implants can prevent bone loss.

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If you have suffered from tooth loss, then the health and structure of your jawbone is also at risk. Fortunately, dental implants can replace missing teeth while also helping you to preserve healthy jawbone structure. To learn more, contact Prestige Oral Surgery at 732-297-7000.