Steps To Take Before and After Oral Surgery

Team Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may be required for a variety of reasons. You may have an impacted tooth trapped in the jawbone or a tooth that is poorly positioned and damaging neighboring teeth. It is especially common to have these types of problems with growing wisdom teeth. Oral surgery is also necessary for the placement of dental implants, tooth and facial injuries, such as broken jaws. You can minimize discomfort and speed up your recovery if you follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. But you can also take a proactive role in improving the healing process.

Steps To Take Before Oral Surgery
To minimize trauma and pain, doctors recommend taking good care of yourself in the days leading up to surgery. Eat well, get enough rest and drink lots of water. The day before your procedure, take it as easy as possible and avoid strenuous exercise. Let your doctor know if you develop any type of illness or infection prior to the procedure, as they may choose to delay it until you can be evaluated and treated. If you have been prescribed any pre-surgery medication, take it as prescribed.

Minimizing Pain After Oral Surgery
We will provide you with aftercare instructions designed to minimize pain and reduce the chance of complications or infection. Avoid heavy lifting or straining for several days. Eat soft foods, but maintain a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins A and C. Drink lots of fluids, but avoid drinking through straws for several days. Avoid hot liquids or foods as well as alcohol and nicotine. Our office may prescribe pain medication, but in most cases, over-the-counter analgesics will be sufficient to control your discomfort as long as you follow recovery instructions.

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