The Analysis of Wisdom Teeth for Young Adults

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Young Adult Man Our bodies continue to grow through our teenage years as we approach adulthood. Most adult jaws can comfortably support 28 teeth. When our third molars begin to appear they often cannot fit comfortably and may be forced to grow in unhealthy positions, impacting other healthy teeth. The American Dental Association recommends that you consult with an Oral Surgeon about whether your wisdom teeth are likely to be problematic.

When Young Adults Should Have An Evaluation

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal takes time. You will probably need to take a couple of days off from school to rest after the teeth are taken out. For this reason, many parents of young adults choose to schedule wisdom teeth removal during summer vacation or winter school break. This long break from school or college is the perfect time to take it easy during recovery from wisdom teeth removal.

Consultation Visit

Your wisdom tooth consultation begins with an oral examination. Dr. Erakat can provide a 3-dimensional x-ray of your jaw that will show the angle and position of your wisdom teeth. When planning the removal of wisdom teeth, one important consideration is the position of the mandibular nerve in relation to the roots of the wisdom teeth. A cone beam scan will allow Dr. Erakat to evaluate the position of the nerve in very fine detail, evaluate the position of the second molar and allow him to carefully plan the surgery. Dr. Erakat takes advantage of the current advances in technology to properly plan a safe surgery for patients.

While all patients do not need to have their wisdom teeth extracted, there are clear indications that warrant removal of wisdom teeth. The age of the patient, the presence of gum disease, the potential for dental crowding and the long-term health of the second molars are all factors that must be considered when deciding if the wisdom teeth need to be extracted.

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