Dental Implants and Chronic Health Conditions

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For most patients who are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are often the solution of choice. Dental implants are typically the best available tooth replacement alternative in almost every circumstance. The key to long-term dental implant success is the osseointegration process by which the jawbone forms a physical link or bond with the titanium surface of the implant.

Chronic Health Conditions And Dental Implants
Some health conditions can present an obstacle for patients who want to pursue dental implants. Certain chronic conditions that are associated with inflammatory responses, like diabetes and heart disease, may have an impact as inflammation can affect the bone’s ability to form the needed bond.

For similar reasons, patients with uncontrolled gum disease are not immediately eligible for dental implant placement. While the implant itself is resistant to disease, the tissue surrounding it is not.  , whether it is present during the initial placement of the implant or if a patient develops the periodontal disease after the implant is embedded into the jawbone, can affect the stability of the replacement tooth.

Advanced periodontal disease is very progressive and can destroy the entire oral health system. The infection attacks more than just the gingival tissue, it attacks bone mass. Patients with progressive gum disease often develop substantial bone loss and eventually tooth loss as the bone and gums are no longer able to support teeth.

Bone Loss And Implant Stability
Losing bone mass can threaten the stability and lifespan of a dental implant. This is because there must be enough bone mass to support and hold the implant in place. Bone deterioration is not uncommon, especially among older patients. Gum disease, tooth loss, and other conditions like osteoporosis lead to bone atrophy.

Sometimes bone deterioration can be addressed with a grafting procedure. This type of treatment involves grafting bone to areas of the jaw where more tissue is needed.

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