Dental Implants Need Special Care

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Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth. Normally placed by an oral surgeon, dental implants are bio-compatible, they fuse to your jawbone naturally and function exactly like a natural tooth. As sturdy replacements to natural teeth, dental implants can prevent further tooth loss because they provide the structural support that surrounding teeth need to stay in their proper positions. …

Three Important Tips On Getting Dental Implant

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First step: Implant surgery. The first step of getting an implant involves the implant placement done by the dentist performing this surgery. The titanium implant screw is carefully placed into the jawbone where once you had a tooth root. After the surgery and during the recovery and healing process it is important to maintain a diet of soft foods and …

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants

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It is said that an impression is made within the few seconds of meeting a person and invariably a person with a beautiful smile is sure to make a good impression. It is possible that your teeth may get damaged due to an accident, decay or with continuous usage. In case you lose your teeth, there are many options available …

Implant Dentistry for Lasting Tooth Replacement

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Dental implants have been successfully replacing missing teeth for more than 40 years. In that time, they have been proven to be a long-lasting, effective, and safe option, giving patients something that previously has not been available, a truly complete tooth replacement. No other tooth replacement option simultaneously replaces the root and the crown of the tooth. Dentures, partials, and …

What are the Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures?

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If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, whether due to trauma, disease, or poor oral health, dental implants represent the closest thing to replacing them. In fact, no dental restoration comes even remotely close to dental implants in terms of their ability to recreate a missing tooth from root to crown.

How Will You Know If Dental Implants Are For You?

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Dental implants helps people who are missing one or more teeth regain the full function of their mouths. Implant dentistry is the most advanced, most effective approach to modern-day tooth replacement. Implants provide realistic-looking, permanent prosthetics to replace your missing teeth. They also help maintain the health of your jawbone. If you have missing teeth, you should talk to an …

Dental Implants After Extraction

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Dental implants are, bar none, the best tooth replacement option available. Dental implants are natural looking, allow you to eat your favorite foods, require no special care and can last a lifetime. But they do have one limitation. The dental implant process can take time. How long it takes depends on your oral health. Immediate Placement If you are having …

Does Dental Implants Solution to Missing Teeth?

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Implant dentistry is the most advanced, most effective approach to modern day tooth replacement. Implants provide realistic looking, permanent prosthetics to replace your missing teeth. They not only look like natural teeth, but they also remain stationary in the mouth and are permanent. Even if you are only missing one tooth, an implant can restore your smile without requiring reconstruction …

How to Prepare for Dental Implants With Sinus Lift?

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In order for dental implants to be successful and long-lasting, it is imperative there be quality and enough quantity of jawbone to which the implant will be attached. If bone loss has occurred due to periodontal disease or an injury, a sinus augmentation can be performed to raise the sinus floor and allow for new bone growth. One of the …