Benefits Of Dental Implants Part 1

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 A popular solution to tooth loss is dental implants with over 5 million dental implants placed each year by American dentists. Dr. Mohammed Erakat may suggest dental implants as a solution to tooth loss from tooth decay, oral cancer, trauma, or periodontal disease. 1. Dental Implants Look Natural Missing teeth may make you feel less confident in your smile impacting your professional and social life. Maple Avenue Family Dentistry utilizes modern technology and materials to make our dental implants as realistic as they feel. We customize the size, shape, and color of our dental implants for each patient ensuring the implant matches our patients’ smiles. This customization can ensure privacy about one’s prosthetic teeth. The natural look of dental implants boosts patients’ self confidence and gives them all the more reason to feel good about their smiles. 

2. Dental Implants Can Improve Your Oral Health When you suffer tooth loss, you are at a higher risk for future dental health problems. For instance, your remaining teeth may begin to shift to fill the space the missing tooth left behind which can cause crooked teeth or bite problems. In addition, missing teeth can put you at a higher risk for jawbone loss. By anchoring our dental implants to your jawbone, our patients are at a lower risk for crooked teeth and jawbone loss. Call Prestige Oral Surgery @ 732-297-7000 to learn more about dental implants and experience Exceptional Care!