Do dental implants have an expiration date?

Team Dental Implants

There are a few options in dentistry when it comes to replacing missing teeth: dentures, bridges or implants. In certain cases when several teeth are missing, a combination of implants and dentures or implants and bridges are a good option. But how long do implants last?

Some patients who are frustrated with their teeth may decide that the best solution would be to remove all of their teeth and get dentures but dentures are high maintenance, they require daily soaking and cleaning for good oral hygiene. They tend to cause pain because they are not secure in place and they move and slip while talking and chewing. They decrease the chewing ability tremendously and dentures require constant relining which can be costly overtime. Dentures also lead to more bone loss overtime.

If you lose one tooth, you may get either an implant with a post and a crown or a fixed bridge. The downside of a bridge is the fact that two of your teeth, adjacent to the space, that otherwise may not need any work done, will need to be ground down and get fully covered by the bridge as well in order to replace the missing tooth in the middle. This leads to the teeth becoming more prone to future decay since food tends to get trapped underneath the bridge and cause decay.

The best alternative to replace missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants maintain bone levels by stimulating the bone and do not require other teeth to be compromised in the process. They are fixed in place unlike dentures. They do not require removal and they do not get decayed.

By properly caring for you implants, you may be able to keep them for a lifetime.

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