Can Dental Implants Replace Your Molars? Ask New Jersey Oral Surgeon

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Can Dental Implants Replace Missing Molars?
Dental implants are superior to other tooth replacements, lasting longer and looking better than other options like dentures and bridges. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, patients may have different concerns about the tooth and the dental implant used to replace it.

Molars, the large teeth at the rear of the upper and lower jaws, are necessary for chewing, so patients often want an entirely functional replacement tooth when a natural molar is lost. Dental implants help to preserve chewing capacity, and they withstand greater forces than a bridge does. However, an oral surgeon placing dental implants as molar replacements can face unique challenges.

Dental Implants And Bone
Dental implants require a sufficient amount of bone in order to be successful. Dental implants are effective because they integrate with the bone, becoming a permanent part of the jaw structure.

Bone Grafting And Sinus Augmentation
We can draw on some strategies for placing dental implants to replace missing upper molars. If you already have extensive bone loss in the vicinity of the implant site, a bone graft or sinus augmentation can provide sufficient supplemental bone material to support implants replacing upper molars. Bone Resorption For the lower molars, jawbone resorption is also a concern in patients whose teeth have been missing for an extended period. Additionally, the implant site can be difficult to reach, and the location of the nerves may present an issue. At Prestige Oral Surgery, we can overcome these obstacles and successfully place the dental implants despite them.

3D Cone Beam CT Scanning Technology
This technology delivers 3D images and enables us to measure precisely the height and width of bone prior to surgery. It allows us to locate bone structure such as the nerve and the location of the sinus.

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