Dental Implant Center In New Jersey Discusses Senior Care for Teeth

Team Dental Implants

Senior Dental Care: Rejuvenate Your Smile!

Implant supported dentures are a modern alternative to conventional dentures and can provide a number of significant advantages for seniors who choose to wear them. This type of denture is held in place by titanium screw-like posts which are inserted into the jawbone offering greatly improved stability, esthetics and comfort as well as preventing facial collapse due the absorption of the jawbone following tooth loss.

Improved Stability

Traditional dentures offer an improvement in a patient’s ability to eat after tooth loss, but implant supported dentures can give patients three times the biting force than the removable dentures. This is important for many patients because it means that there will be fewer diet restrictions and you will not have to avoid any of your favorite foods.

Improved Oral Health

Traditional dentures are supported by the gums, and over time, the prosthetic teeth will wear down the soft tissues of the mouth. With implant supported dentures, the structure is retained by the implants, which do not apply any added pressure to the gums. Additionally, the implants provide constant stimulation to the jawbone, which will help protect against future bone loss. When a patient has missing teeth, the underlying bone will typically deteriorate because it has stopped receiving stimulation from the tooth’s root. Implant supported dentures not only protect against this condition, but can even cause the jawbone to regenerate after being placed.

Improved Comfort

Sore spots can occur due to the movement of conventional dentures. This happens as the denture moves slightly and rubs against the gums or due to uneven pressure distribution when chewing food. Because implant dentures are securely retained, sore spots do not occur and pressure points are prevented as bite forces are transmitted directly to the implants.

Cosmetic Benefits

Implant supported dentures are made from extremely lifelike materials that look and feel virtually identical to natural teeth. Restorations made from porcelain or zirconia can mimic the translucency and light refracting qualities of your natural teeth.


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