Will a Sinus Lift Procedure Affect My Breathing?

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A sinus lift is a very common procedure which may be performed in conjunction with the placement of a dental implant. Depending upon your own unique anatomy, the roots of the upper molars might be located close to or inside of the maxillary sinuses, creating a hole when the tooth is removed. If a dental implant must be used to replace a natural upper molar, it is very possible that the dental implant post may also extend into the hollow sinus area.

What Is A Sinus Lift Procedure?
A Sinus Lift is a procedure that adds bone to the back of your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. Bone is added between your upper jaw and maxillary sinuses. Maxillary sinuses reside on either side of your nose. In order to make room for the new bone, the sinus membrane must be moved up, or lifted.

Why Do I Need A Sinus Lift Procedure?
A dental implant cannot heal successfully if it is not completely surrounded by healthy bone, and often the thin bone of the sinus cavity cannot support a dental implant. To counteract this problem, and to successfully use a dental implant to replace an upper molar, it may be necessary to lift or augment the lower portion of the sinus. This procedure is known as a sinus lift, and without it, replacing your missing tooth may not be possible.

Does A Sinus Lift Procedure Affect Breathing?
While some sinus lift patients may temporarily experience a stuffy nose after surgery, most report no change at all, and some have even reported an improvement in their breathing capacity. You should not expect the condition of your sinuses or your ability to breathe to become worse after your surgery.

A sinus lift will not affect your voice, your allergies, or your breathing. However, by making it possible to replace your upper molars, you will regain a strong and healthy smile.

Sinus lift surgery eliminates a major limitation in implant dentistry and increases the tooth replacement options for a growing number of dental patients. To find out how sinus lift surgery can enhance your dental implants, contact Prestige Oral Surgery for a consultation at 732-297-7000.