How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants?

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 There really is no definitive answer other than it depends on the patient. That’s why at Prestige Oral Surgery we start with a consultation and x-rays to come up with a solution and time frame. 

Part of the answer depends on the health of your supporting bone. Bone is an integral part of implant functionality as bone cells gradually grow and adhere to the newly placed implant to give it its characteristic strength. If the bone is sufficient and healthy, we can proceed with the surgical placement of the implant. The most common practice following surgery is to allow a few months for the bone integration described previously to take place before finally attaching the crown. So, if your supporting bone is sound, the complete implant process may take 3-6 months. But what if it’s not—what if you’ve lost bone and don’t have enough to support an implant? In that case, the length of process time depends on the severity of the bone loss and if we’re able to overcome it. In some cases, we can’t, which means we’ll need to consider a different restoration. But it’s often possible to regenerate lost bone by grafting bone material at the implant site. Again this depends on the patient and the rate of bone regeneration which we monitor with x-rays. Regardless of the time, you’ll gain the same result—new, functional teeth and a more attractive smile. To learn more about the dental implant procedure please call: 732-297-7000 and experience Exceptional Care!!