Do Kids Really Need To Wear Mouthguards For Sports?

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Sure, your children wear helmets, knee pads, and chest protectors during sports, but what about mouthguards? As much as your kids may fight it, mouthguards are very important for protecting your children’s teeth, lips, mouth, and face! 

Did you know that an estimated 3 million teeth are knocked out during youth sports each year? The American Dental Association estimates that over 200,000 oral injuries can be prevented each year by the use of mouthguards. While mouthguards may not be required in all sports, the sports most impacted by oral injuries include hockey, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, football, and rugby. Even non-contact sports such as skateboarding or mountain biking have risk for oral injury and can benefit from the use of a mouthguard. If your child is currently wearing braces, they can still wear a mouthguard! In fact, wearing a mouthguard can help prevent bracket damage. To learn more about mouthguard wear in youth sports call Prestige Oral Surgery and speak to our knowledgable staff about protecting your precious teeth @ 732-297-7000. Dr. Erakat specializes in Oral and facial surgery and we are happy to discuss options if there is an injury in your family.