The Zoom Effect and Your Smile

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 The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for dental cosmetic procedures as employees are front and center of their computer screen for several hours per week during virtual meetings. 

According to Mohammed Erakat, DMD MD “we are being asked by our patients almost everyday to help them with their smile because they don’t like the way it looks onscreen.” Because seeing yourself talk is not entirely a natural process and experience, it can lead to see your smile and how others may see it. When making various expressions on Zoom, you can also see your smile and teeth from a different perspective, revealing imperfections. In contrast, a still photograph or simply looking in the mirror at your smile may not show imperfections in the same way that seeing yourself actively talk or engage with others could present. 

People are also spending more time at home looking in the mirror and on social media which are all factors that have proven to increase body image anxieties in many. There is definitely more awareness of appearance with the above factors contributing. The cosmetic procedures that are most popular are teeth whitening, clear aligners, veneers, and bonding.We are available to discuss your oral health needs by calling: Dr. Erakat 732-297-7000