Raise Your Spirits and Boost Your Health

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Smiling is a natural mood booster. And now that it’s safe to get back out there, it’s important to seek out activities that will elevate your mood and nurture your physical health.

As the pandemic eases, and mask requirements are rolled back, you’ll have more reasons to flash your pearly whites. Our dentist will get your smile looking its best and check your oral health, especially if you’ve put off your appointments during the pandemic.     

At Prestige Oral Surgery, we have seen an increase in emergency visits for pain, and infections or swelling that could have been prevented with routine visits. Brushing your teeth should be right up there with hand washing. We recommend 2-3 times per day for at least 2 minutes and flossing at least 1 time per day.Our knowledgeable dental staff is able to answer most of your questions or we will find the answer for you. Call 732-297-7000 today and experience exceptional care!