Recovery Period For Wisdom Teeth

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Immediately after your wisdom tooth removal, our staff will discuss some guidelines with you. For instance, we recommend eating soft foods like pudding and shakes. Stay away from hard, crunchy, or sticky foods. Avoid drinking with a straw to prevent dry sockets. 

Wisdom teeth recovery can take up to two weeks. You can expect a swollen mouth and cheeks. The swelling will be worse the first couple of days and gradually improve. Icing your cheeks and face will help with the swelling. You may see some bruising on your face that should go away within 2 weeks. Your jaw may be sore and stiff for 7-10 days. Your pain may be worse if you have a difficult procedure. Our doctors can recommend over the counter pain medications, such as Ibuprofen,  that may help. 

It is recommended that you take a day or two off from work to recover from your procedure. If any of your symptoms persist or worsen, contact our office. For more information on wisdom tooth removal, email us at or schedule your consultation with Dr. Mohammed Erakat by calling us at 732-297-7000.