Reasons To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out

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Many patients wonder, if my wisdom teeth are not bothering me, do I really need to get them out? In short, the answer is most likely! While healthy, completely erupted, correctly positioned wisdom teeth may not need to be removed, there are a number of cases where wisdom teeth would need to be removed. 

1. Inflammation and Infection 

Because of limited space, our third molars, “wisdom teeth” often erupt in an impacted manner. If a wisdom tooth is partially impacted, it leaves a space between the gums and the tooth that can become a breeding crowd for bacteria. This infection can spread and lead to inflammation and pain. 

2. Overcrowding 

When wisdom teeth erupt, they often enter into an already crowded area. This can cause misalignment of already erupted teeth interfering with your smile and any already present orthodontic work. 

3. Difficult Hygiene 

The minimal space allotted for wisdom teeth, often makes them tricky to reach with a toothbrush or floss. This may lead to dental cavities. To prevent higher risk of cavities, the wisdom teeth are often removed. 

4. Effect on Neighboring Teeth 

As a result of overcrowding, wisdom teeth often press against neighboring molars with enough force to cause bone loss or encourage growth of cavities. 

For these reasons we often recommend wisdom teeth removal. For more information on wisdom tooth removal, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohammed Erakat email us at or call us at 732-297-7000.