Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

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A tooth extraction is a procedure where your dentist permanently removes a tooth from its socket. Tooth extractions are often performed by general dentists and oral surgeons. During the procedure, the patient is numbed as not to feel any pain. There may be several reasons why your dentist recommends a tooth extraction. These reasons include but are not limited to: 

1. Severe Decay

If tooth decay gets deep enough where it invades the pulp, it may cause infection that can spread throughout the body. In severe cases, the tooth may be extracted to prevent spreading of the infection. 

2. Periodontal Disease 

In severe causes of gum disease infection reaches the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone, which support the tooth. If these aspects are infected, the tooth may loosen and a treatment option could be a tooth extraction. 

3. Impacted Teeth 

A common tooth extraction is the wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth often grow in a manner where they are angled towards neighboring teeth causing an impacted eruption. To avoid impaction, wisdom teeth are often extracted. 

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