How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

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Getting your kids to slow down and effectively brush their teeth can be tricky. Getting your child to build the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day is a great accomplishment. The habit will stick with them for life and help fight off unwanted cavities. Check out these tricks to get your children brushing!

Involve an Activity 

Make brushing fun for your children by playing their favorite song while they brush or watching a funny video. Often these will take the time necessary to brush. 

Make if a Family Affair 

Brush at the same time your children do so you can set a good example. 

Reward System 

Keep a calendar and mark off how many days in a row your child brushes twice a day. When they reach a designated count they can receive a previously agreed upon treat! 

Shopping Day 

Bring your child to the store and let them pick out their own toothbrush. Having a toothbrush that is their favorite color or has their favorite superhero on it will get them excited to brush!