Dentures Are Not A Quick Fix

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Many patients we see in our practice believe getting dentures is the answer to all their dental challenges. If they just had all their teeth pulled, they wouldn’t need to spend any more time or money coming to the dentist. While dentures are a great option for patients who’ve already lost teeth or whose teeth are unable to function any longer, they do not work the same as one’s own teeth. 

A removable denture is not connected to you. It is temporarily adhered to your gums using an adhesive. Eating your favorite foods could become an issue as the biting force needed for an apple, corn, or meat products could dislodge the denture. It does take some getting used to. 

Another option that is extremely popular is an Implant Supported Denture. In this example the patient can have a denture that is secured to dental implants. This option is more expensive but well worth it over the long haul and more convenient in terms of eating the foods you want. This is one of those things that involves setting up a consultation and review the options available. Email us @: