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 What is Dentophobia?

Dentophobia is a condition in which an individual is genuinely fearful or anxious regarding dental treatment. Dental anxiety can come from a multitude of origins–perhaps a traumatic experience, a family member that shared a bad experience or a lack of feeling in control or lack of education in a specific environment. As dental healthcare professionals our goal is to treat our patients to the best of our ability and to preserve their oral health and overall health.

We have a few recommendations to manage these thoughts while visiting us at Prestige Oral Surgery. Tell, Show, Do is our first technique to help patients stay calm. We can explain each step of the procedure so you know what to expect every second of your visit. Next we encourage patients to bring earbuds or headphones to their appointment so they can listen to calming music or a podcast to keep their mind away from treatment. And lastly, call our office prior to your visit and let us know that you have some comfort issues so our team is ready for you for instance with a blanket or pillow. We are also finding that the more positive experiences kids have at an early age particularly with preventive treatment, lessens the chance of developing dental anxiety. Please know that our office has your best interests in mind and to call us any time with your oral health questions 732-297-7000