What is the benefit of Full-Arch dentistry versus wearing a denture?

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An unsecured denture can move around while chewing, here’s how dental implants can transform your life. 

Dental implants can secure your denture and help prevent jawbone resorption and maintain facial structure, rather than accelerating the resorption process as dentures do. A full-arch means exactly that, the patient receives an appliance for the upper or lower arch. A full-arch with dental implants requires fewer chewing strokes than dentures because the denture is secured by dental implants, and patients retain a more natural and comfortable chewing capacity. This allows patients to enjoy a healthier, less restrictive diet. 

Many of our patients who undergo full-arch restoration experience a variety of physical and emotional benefits. Before the procedure patients felt less confident with their smile, some discomfort issues with tasting food, and a feeling of isolation. After the procedure our patients felt more confident with chewing, speaking and smiling–a complete transformation. Your oral health is important to us, come experience exceptional care. info@pestigeoralsurgery.com or 732-297-2000