What are the steps to getting dental implants?

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 The dental implant process requires patience. It’s usually a 3 step process starting with placement of the dental implant(s), healing of the dental implant(s), and restoring the dental implant with a crown. 

Every patient is different so there are no hard and fast rules in terms of how long the whole process takes. But usually for a single tooth implant with a healthy patient you can expect about a 4-6 month time frame for placement, healing and crown.

After the dental implants are placed the healing period begins and the bone begins to fuse around the titanium fixture. Your dental implant surgeon will advise you of when it is best to come back and begin restoring the dental implant. 

Now that the bone has healed around the implant, it is time to work on the tissue around your new crown and matching the color of your crown to the rest of your teeth. Your dentist is working with a dental laboratory to make this all happen. In most cases this can take a few appointments. In the end, when it all comes together you will be able to enjoy your new smile!