Dentures are not a quick fix

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In our office we talk to many patients who believe getting dentures is the answer to all their dental problems. If they just had all their teeth pulled, they wouldn’t need to spend any more time or money coming to visit the dentist. While dentures are a great option for patients who’ve already lost teeth or whose teeth are unable to function any longer, they do not work the same as one’s own teeth.

Dentures are not connected to you unless you choose an implant-supported option. Dentures require many appointments and time to be made successfully. As well, you may require several adjustment appointments for them to feel comfortable and over time you may need to have a new set of dentures made. The adjustment of wearing dentures often comes as a shock for many patients. You will have to learn to eat, talk, and function with a completely new appliance in your mouth. While dentures are a great option for many patients, they are not a quick fix to avoid caring for your oral health. There are other options including dental implants. Schedule a consultation with us to review the best solution for you.