What Are The Warning Signs I May Need A Root Canal?

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While some people don’t have any symptoms, this is rare. Pain is what drives most people to call a dentist. You may experience:

Persistent, often intense pain that can keep you awake at night

Prolonged tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks that persists after the stimulus is gone

A swollen cheek

A small bump on the gum above the tooth

An abscess

Swollen gums that appear bright red

A fever

Tooth discoloration

Swollen lymph nodes

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, consult a dentist immediately.  Most of the reasons behind the symptoms listed above will not heal themselves if left alone. You will most likely always need medical intervention. So, it’s important that you seek out that medical intervention before the problem becomes serious and requires a more invasive and expensive procedure to fix.

Inside our teeth, we have pulp. It contains blood vessels, tissues and nerves. If the pulp becomes infected, your dentist will suggest removing it with root canal therapy. Your dentist will remove the infected pulp to stop the infection from spreading and to stop the pain. A root canal preserves the tooth, eliminating the need for an extraction. It’s always better to preserve your teeth if possible.