Veneers are great for enhancing your smile

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Many people choose to improve their smiles with veneers because they can replace just one tooth that may be discolored or misshapen. A veneer is a thin shell covering placed over the visible part of the tooth. Veneers are specially made to make your teeth look natural and can correct many issues like chipped or worn teeth, discoloration and uneven spacing. Placing veneers requires just a few appointments. 

Veneers are extremely thin shells made of a strong ceramic material. A small amount of enamel is removed from the front side of the tooth. This makes room for the veneer and prevents the restored tooth from feeling or looking bulky or unnatural. Impressions are taken and sent to a dental lab that makes the veneers to fit your individual teeth. After completion, the veneers are bonded to teeth. They are strong and durable and their surface looks very natural. 

Sometimes with cosmetic dentistry all you need is one small adjustment to your smile to make it what it used to be.

We are happy to discuss the best options for you at your next appointment.