The Real Cost of Dental Implant Therapy

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Dental implants have made a huge impact on many of our patients lives in our practice. An implant remains the closest substitute to a natural tooth and offers a very high success rate for the surgical and restorative processes. Every patient is different and each patient may have additional issues that may affect the cost. From start to finish, getting a dental implant can cost around $5,000. That breaks down to about $2,500 for the placement of the dental implant and $2,500 for the restoration of the crown that goes on top of the implant.

Let’s breakdown some steps that may be involved with an implant.

Dental implant is a titanium screw post that is embedded in your jawbone.

The abutment represents the connection between the implant and crown.

The crown is cemented and fitted over the abutment.

X-ray is necessary to accurately depict the location of strong bone into which the implant will be anchored.

Bone grafting may be needed if a tooth has been missing for a long period of time and the bone may have shrunk.

Temporary tooth may be needed during the healing phase.

Our dental team is very knowledgeable about the steps that go into the dental implant procedure. Once we view the x-rays we have a very good idea of what to expect and all the details that will be involved in your case. Call for a consultation and we can let you know if you are a candidate for dental implants.