What To Expect From A Tooth Extraction Procedure

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Before we extract the tooth, we will numb the area so you will be comfortable. Your mouth will be numb for a few hours after the extractions, so be careful not to bite your cheek, lip, or tongue.

The extraction itself should not take more than 5-10 minutes.

After the extraction, you may have some bleeding. We will pack the extraction site with gauze to help stop the bleeding and so a blood clot can form which is necessary for normal healing. Your bone will heal through the formation of the blood clot. If the blood clot does not form and heavy bleeding continues, you should call us immediately so that we can place a dressing in the socket and reduce any discomfort. Avoid disturbing the clot at the extraction site. Minor bleeding is normal, but heavy bleeding is not.

Avoid the following activities for 24 hours after the extraction: smoking, rinsing the mouth vigorously, drinking through a straw, alcohol including mouthwashes, sucking on popsicles, candy, etc., strenuous activities.

You may carefully brush and floss your teeth except for the ones next to the healing tooth socket. After 24 hours, you can clean the teeth next to the healing tooth socket. You may also gently rinse your mouth with half a teaspoon of salt in an 8 ounce glass of warm water. If we prescribed any medication, use it only as directed. You can also eat soft, healthy foods and drink lots of liquids. Stitch removal, will require a follow-up appointment. Any questions can be directed to our dental team @ 732-297-7000