Dental Implants: Your Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

Team Dental Implants

Throughout the course of life, teeth are lost for many reasons including cavities, gum disease, cracked roots and accidents. Missing teeth compromise your eating habits, speech and appearance. The loss of a front tooth will negatively affect the appearance of your smile and your self-confidence. Losing a tooth in the back of your mouth can lead to numerous problems affecting your ability to chew, your ability to properly clean your teeth and the health of your remaining teeth. Replacing a lost tooth will prevent further destruction and save your remaining teeth.

Consequences of Tooth Loss
Losing your teeth can cause more than health problems. It directly affects your self-esteem as tooth loss impinges on your smile and the way your face looks. Here are some consequences of tooth loss:
• Speech problems
• Avoiding certain foods because of chewing problem
• Avoiding going out in public because of social embarrassment
• Anxiety and self-consciousness
• Stiff jaws and problems with relaxation
• Weakening of other teeth because there are less teeth to use when you eat
• Movement and inclination of other teeth and their possible loss
• Nutrition problems

Why Dental Implants Should Replace Missing Teeth
Dental implants are unique among tooth replacement devices because they replicate the absent tooth’s root structure in addition to replacing the crown. The implant itself is a small cylinder made of titanium, which is biocompatible. That means that the jawbone can form a bond with the surface of the dental implant, making the implant a permanent part of the mouth’s structure.

So, when patients opt for a tooth replacement that does not also replace the root, the bone will erode, and that appliance may lose its fit over time. Attachment of adjacent teeth may also be at risk if the bone in the area becomes weaker. Because dental implants are structurally more similar to biological teeth, they can also withstand stronger chewing forces. This means that surrounding teeth are not subjected to stronger than average forces that cannot be tolerated by the tooth replacement.

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