Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

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Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the loss of a tooth. Accidents, injuries, and certain types of chronic illness can all lead to unavoidable tooth loss. In rare cases, individuals can also genetically fail to develop all of their permanent teeth.

Missing teeth can be replaced in a variety of different ways. However, the most common treatment decision that most patients must consider when replacing a single tooth is whether to place an implant or a bridge. These tooth replacement methods differ in the way that they are constructed and supported. While both of these replacement methods appear very lifelike, there are significant differences that patients should know. For instance, dental bridges typically require replacement whereas the dental implant can last for decades, if not the rest of a patient’s life. At Prestige Oral Surgery we can help you determine if dental implants are right for your needs.

Dental Implants
The majority of dental professionals regard dental implants as the best tooth replacement option available. This is because dental implants replace the roots of teeth as well as their visible structures. By addressing the loss of a tooth’s root, an implant can support and hold prosthetic crowns and even dentures. Patients with dental implants can eat all kinds of food without discomfort or movement of their prosthetics.

Dental implants are also biocompatible. They are made from titanium. This metal allows for the process of osseointegration, meaning that bone in the jaw will literally integrate to the titanium implant just as it would the root of a tooth. Since the bone holds the implant in place, patients enjoy a very sturdy and durable base for their prosthetic crowns.

Compared to dental bridges, implants and their prosthetics are very easy to care for. Patients will simply brush and floss as normal. The low maintenance aspect of dental implants appeals to many people who are evaluating their tooth replacement options.

Disadvantages Of Bridges
In the past, dental bridges were a very popular method for addressing minimal tooth loss. While bridges are certainly more advantageous than dentures in the fact that they are bonded to natural teeth, they do have limitations. Since they only replace visible tooth structure, patients may experience rapid bone atrophy and have difficulty keeping gum tissue under the bridge clean and healthy. Despite their limitations, bridges may be best for a patient who is not a candidate for dental implants.

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